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Thinking abt it...almost every time the Kage used a jutsu madara called it out and explained what they did. He knows some shit. But really I don't think Madara HAS to use his own abilities. Is not like he doesn't have any. Actually it shows us how strong harishma was and at the same time how strong Madara was. He fought this dude with all of these jutsu and he escaped alive! Barly alive, but alive. Kabuto said HArishma was so strong when people heard of his poweres they though it was a fairy tale lol. Madara also made a comment about if Harishma was alive and fighting him they would have to redraw the maps because of how strong they are lmao. SO I guess my point is Madara doesn't have to use his own techs, I actually enjoy seeing him use hashis power because it puts hashi and madaras power into perspective. Plus, he never had the chance to play with his power because of how old he was when he awakened to rinnigan AND the state of his body after the fight I guess. Madara fought the first with the 9 tails! The first needed help from his wife iirc despite having the wood dragon and power to control bijuu so madara came with more than a fan n some fire techs. AND Madara barely escaped with his life trying to fight with this dude! These dudes were strong as hell. So strong Madara misses him lmao. Dis dude was fighting the Kage reminiscing about hashi lmao talking about if he knew how weak the Kage would be he would have taught him how to rise from the dead. He was wishing he was there to fight him. The battle they had was epic as shit and he respected hashi for his power.

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