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Re: Magi 165

Damn I called the puppet angle. Also called the fact that he was a clone of her. ....great chapter! Maybe I have to re read it again but was the Sinbad setup not part of this chapter? It seemed like they ended the whole Titus situation with Sinbad being born. (I understand he is about to get 70 pages dedicated to his story.) Confused the hell out of me. The Lady Magi seemed kinda bitchy but I understand her plea. Also the last page with the male sitting Indian style. Could that be the Wandering Magi of the Dungeons? Just another note Mogamett said Titus's rukh was turning black or impure...maybe this could be foreshadowing. Maybe Titus will become a temporary foe of a black metal vessel to preserve his existence. Kinda intrigued with what Alibaba is up to as well.

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