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Re: Naruto_611

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
Like I said, fire attacks, tiajutsu, sword jutsu, SG genjutsu and even EMS tsukuyomi...

The 3rd raikages raiton armour tanked the FRS.... And the 4th can take his a step further so that is why... Wind may counter lightning, but obviously the cloak is too strong as the manga has shown... Going by rules is not going to help when kishi contradicts the shit out of them...

Anyways, the point is that madara didn't need his one RG ability or senju DNA to get as far as he has gone.... His EMS is strong enough to take him there...
I stand corrected, he did use his Uchiha heritage based techniques. BUT the fact he has unlimited chakra AS AN EDO is why he is still standing, no? an entire Army would not be defeated by a living Madara, if that was the case I am pretty sure he would have at least got a rematch with Hashirama. I mean he lost, wen t into hiding. NEVER came back, doesn't sound like someone with the power to level an ARMY to me.

ALSO being an EDO allows Madara the leisure to "play around" with opponents to test his powers. Correct? He wouldn't have to chakra and immortality to do so otherwise.


The Rasenshuriken didn't work on the 3rd Raikage due to his unnatural DURABILITY not his raiton armor.

Right now Naruto has the most powerful wind jutsu it is destructive on a cellular level, too fast for the SG to even follow.
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