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Re: Naruto_611

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post

Did you forget that once madara gained the EMS, he gained the power to take on the known world... He became known as the strongest in the world for a reason... SO clearly taking on an army himself is something he has done before... and could do again, just with different tactics without immortality and unlimited chakra...
and madara never fought hashirama again because there was no reason... Madara was not there to kill hashirama, merely gain his DNA and he did... SO he won his fight as far as he is concerned... after the fight, madara was infused in his chest wound with hashirama cells and was more powerful then ever yet never fought again, only prepared for the tsuki no mai because it was his true goal, not beating hashirama in a fight...

Madara could still drop meteors, but dawn himself in sasanoo to be protected... Could still use amaterasu which has yet to even be used by madara despite it's ability to turn an entire battle field to ash in moments... just depends on where madara fixes his gaze...

and madara's own chakra has to be legendary to create a perfect, full sized sasanoo... so that is not a problem obviously...

madara can play around to a certain extent, but would have to use more powerful jutsu to end the fight quicker because he does not have unlimited chakra... Madara uchiha is still madara uchiha... the guy who supposedly lost to hashirama, the shinobi with fairy tale abilities like the sage himself...

Yet, come to find out, hashirama and his wife fought madara, not just hashirama... Madara was trying to gain DNA for experimentation and madara still only got a chest wound... SO how is madara not the most powerful as he is supposed to be????
I don't think Madara set out to "gain DNA", I think he LOST and in a flare of brilliance he acquired some in the fight. I mean he went into hiding for goodness sake, sounds like he was either hurt so bad that the DNA is the only thing that saved him, or he got punk'd.I think he wanted to use infinite jutsu to put himself on top where he wanted to be.

The meteor dropping thing was an RG move. Madara was NOT more powerful than before when he used the DNA. it healed him and allowed him to live a very long time, not too long before he died is when he gained RG.

Look at how he is acting, if he had those abilities after he implanted "Hashigel instajutsu" he would have went BACK to KONOHA and killed Hashi and started taking over the ninja world while he was still young. That being said, he wouldn't NEED Juubi or the infinite daydream jutsu.

You do realize that EMS was what he had when he was 2nd banana to Hashi when creating Konoha right? He was not unbeatable, he was just extraordinary when fighting one on one. Hashirama fought him one on one, his wife just sealed the fox within herself.

why take away from Hashirama because of it? You might as well take away from Madara since he used Kurama in the first place.
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