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Re: Naruto_611

Originally Posted by Konnaha_yellow_flash View Post
LMAO!!! I was referring to the speed of the technique, not the ability to read all of the needle like wind attacks when it explodes on contact.... which not even the SG reading is not something amazing... That is thousands upon thousands of wind needle attacks... How does the manga claim the FRS is faster then the SG can read because it couldn't track all of it's pieces of attacks... not the FRS itself...

That is just stupid.... do realize that Jericho was referring to the strikes made by the Rasenshuriken when he was talking about it being faster than the sharingan can register, right? I don't give a shit what you were referring to, I was explaining what Jericho meant.

By the way, the meteor attack is a Rinnegan ability. Nagato used it when he was brought back and fighting Naruto. So, Madara wouldn't have been able to use it until just before he died, since that was when he woke the Rinnegan.

Inb4various ad hominen attacks about being "biased" and a "hater" or some other stupid bullshit.
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