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Bottom line. Madara was no scrub. He was/is strong as fuck....think about this. Yamato can suppress the 9 tails chakra. The wood dragon that hashi had that madara used drained the kyubii s chakra. So I assume (could be wrong) as soon as madara summoned the kyubii hashi had something for it. The prob was like ppl said, the fight continued. At the end of the day hashi is stronger than madara, by how much we don't know. That wasnt there first fight they met before on the battle field like obito said. Nobody was killed so they were pretty much even if not someone would have been killed OR madara wouldn't have been seen as the strongest shit like tobi said. Madara had a get DNA. I'm pretty sure he went there with the Intent to kill but he couldn't kill hashi. At the end of the day tho, he got what he wanted. He's second strongest only to hashi and that's not that bad because hashi is strong as the fuck just based off of the techs we've seen madara do. Kabuto said when people heard of his powers they thought it was a fairy tale lmao. If you had no knowledge of what he could do almost everyone would get fucked up. Madara as a edo with hashi cells is damn near unbeatable tho. That's the point. He was in a sense more knowledgeable than hashi IMO because he straight up said if he knew the Kage would be thaT weak he would have TAUGHT HASHI HOW TO COME BACK FROM THE DEAD. I think thats in 577 im nt 100% tho. He was on some other sht. Hashi wasn't even thinking about attaining the sages power or coming back. Madara as a edo is the shit. If he was mortal and didnt have hashi cells then idk if he could wipe out the alliance. Probably, just not in one sitting but thats speculation. He'd wipe out divisions tho and come back after he recharged his chakra, rinse and repeat. The prob is we don't kno all of his techs, but he has more than a fan, Katon, and kyubii because he wouldn't be able to push hashi to his limits with just that. Hashi can tame bijuu, or the in tails at least I get that cause Yamato can suppress kyubii chakra and he's a fraction of hashi. His wife had to come seal the kyubii because for some reason he with couldn't do it or madara wouldn't let him... You wouldn't let ur girl get into your fight like that and seal a demon fox in her that possibly incapacitated her unless u needed it. Period. So that's what it is...he needed that help to get 9 tails out the way so he could fight madara..N a sense madara lost the fight and won the war. Where's hashi now?

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