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Re: Naruto_611

@pritha he was... He wouldn't let his girl gt involved if he didnt have to.... It was to kill because they fought before. If hashi could beat him no wife he would, just like in the shinobi wars. He fought to kill because he let his wife help, if he could alone he would have...jst like u would.

@Jericho he prolonged life by understanding that the sage had both uchiha and senju ( or variants) he understood the sage's body. So he figured since I'm uchiha w/ ems 1/2 of the sage if gt the othaer half I cn be the sage....thus rinnigan. Prolly by the tablet. But hw he know the sage cn resurrect? Madara knew sme shit hashi dnt. He prolly wanted to kill hashi bt couldn't...I agree w/ u tho hashi couldn't kill him either....thus madara escaping. He respects hashi tho cause he knows hashis that dude. he (madara)prolly crawled away from the battle...or faked it

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