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Re: Naruto 612 Discussion

anyone wants some crackers to go along with this cheesy ass writing! wtf! come on like Madara would watch this whole shit storm of jutsu take place...Sarutobi clan members..where the fuck did they come from? Storm Element Laser Circus..damn did he train all of them to use that cause I thought the 3rd only trained him....???? Naruto using a basic ass Rasenshuriken....yeah the combo jutsu was cool and all but they way it was laid out for the reader was too bogus....Juubi sits there getting limed this is just terrible...the whole interaction and exchange of words between Obito and his Uzumaki son is just wow..."speechless". I normally don't complain much about the direction of an already failing manga..but this just took it to a whole new low... In the famous words of South Parks Jimmy..." I mean Come on!"
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