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Re: Bleach 519

that isn't the bs lol...before we all thought the "Soul Key" was this awesome tool to gain entrance into Reuikkuu aka Soul Kingdom or whatever its called (too lazy to look it up). As it has been explained..the Zero Squad are made to become to Soul Key(s) themselves. Aizen was not trying to bridge a way through but more or less recreate the Zero Squad under his image...creating life....and through that life he would infuse his own Reijutsu or whatever. Artificially creating the zero squad from the Espada.....BULLSHIT! it was simply rectified now that through the bones of Zero Squad one can gain access...terrible...Aizen is pure evil but Juha Bach is simply Wicked lol...So is this all we will get from Aizen? Have a funny feeling we have yet to finish his scene. Also with Grimmjow working with Urahara by contract I have a feeling the band will soon get back together.
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