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Re: Bleach 519

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
This chapter confirms Yama's death, if anything could've been done, he would be swimming in the Hot Bath with Byakuya's crew. Sad, Byakuya won't be able to be a Capt. anymore I see that coming already, Renji will replace him. I wonder what he will do, and what does that do end his heritage/bloodline from the Capt spot of SS?? Or possibly reawaken at some point within Rukia?

The WTF Section:
Happened with Aizen and Hell supposedly being destroyed before Juha mobbed up on Yama?
Happened with Kenpachi? Is the fucker dead, why is nobody healing him, where the fuck is he?
Happened to the Bankai's of Yama, his Vice Capt., are they gone forever?

Lastly, seriously I have got to shit on Yama some more, after seeing all that he had to offer to the Fake Juha Bach, he's a stupid dude, and shit dosen't fit with the Arrancar Arc. He could've singlehandedly wiped out all of the Arrancar on his own, had his sorry Capts focusing in on WW if he was that much of an issue to keep him away while he crushed all of the enemies on the battlefield. Additionally, HE DIDN'T EVEN GO BANKAI, HE WENT SHIKAI. That being said, I didn't see anything Yama did in Bankai, that would've instantly destroyed the FAKE Karakura Town they were fighting in, so why jump on WW as if the power would destroy EVERYTHING, when obviously he didn't have anything that powerful. His shit wasn't even as powerful as Ichigo's Baby Turd Cero that led to Aizen being sealed.
I thought both Capt Commander and his Vice's bankai were stolen. I know that the one dude who was defeated by Yama was the guy who stole Yama's Vice's Bankai. Either they are reborn, or they simply vanish. Earlier it was stated when the user dies the bankai dies as well.(if I am not mistaken.) Juha has Yama's bankai.
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