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Re: Naruto 612 Discussion

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
The main clans as in large groups of people in Konoha were always portrayed as the Uchiha(killed off), the Senju (assumed killed off), the Hyuuga, the Nara, the Akimichi, the Yamanaka, the Inuzuka, & the Aburame.

The Sarotubi from what we knew only consisted of Hiruzen along with his sons & father. At no time was it ever implied that Sarutobi had a shit load of brothers, sisters, or cousins.

It's vaguely hinted that people like Kakashi have some connection to clans like the Inuzuka while Jiraiya has a connection to the Akimichi. What was originally assumed is that some members of these clans procreated with the normals to create lessor renowned branch families like Haruno's, Hatake's, Umino, as well as many others. Sarotubi was assumed to be like these smaller families & now they're an entire large scale clan? This begs to question where the hell did all these Sarutobi's come from?

Edit: Gale & Youton are both KKG & therefore are supposed to be rare. It basically downplays the skill of Shinobi like Darui & Kurotsuchi when everyone & their mother can use so called rare abilities.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

KKG is a Blood Trait right?

Byakugan is a KKG right? well there is a whole clan of BG users in Konoha.
SG was used by majority of the Uchiha Clan as well.

In other words you can't learn it you have to be born with it, so to speak right?

So why can't these villages have clans within them with certain KKG?
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