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Re: Bleach 519

^first thing ... i think they know their enemy since they seem to believe that bach is wicked.
Secondly, as many have said 0 squad were there at SS first and then promoted to 0 squad which means both unohona and urahara would have met them before being promoted.
But guys just think, the whole space up there with no one but 5 shinigamis and a king, man i would go crazy. Its like a prison for the powerful.

Thirdly , i may have a theory but cant confirm it thought. What if the one who saved urahara from the quincy J was not grimmjow. I mean J says he even went to lengths to consume THAT creaure , remember? What if the one who saved is someone else abd on defeating J , grimmjow re-apears? Just a theory.
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