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Re: Bleach_Fan_Fiction_Thread

Last one for a litle while lads so enjoy.
Sorry if its not up to the usual standards but i rushed through it to get it out before it was too late.

524: The showdown Begins

Scene opens up where it left off before. Zaraki stands with both hands on his sword hilt, his reiatsu storming up in to the sky. 50 feet away wairudo stands facing him slightly bowed with one hand on his sword which is still sheathed.

Zaraki: Let’s see if you can cut me now!!
Wairudo: As you wish.

Zaraki immediately raises his sword and gives one downward stroke still maintaining his position. The whole area fills with dust and debris and obliterated them from view.
As it clears you see Zaraki standing in the same position as before, his sword down low maintaining its position. In front of him, in line with his sword, the ground is broken up and destroyed and a massive gouge reaches all the way to the base of the Senkaimon.

Zaraki: haha, what happened? Why’d ya move?

Wairudo is no longer directly in front of the Senkaimon, he has moved a dozen feet to its right. The sleeve of his right arm is completely ripped all the way up to the shoulder.

Wairudo: Such power! You repelled both of my slashes and almost destroyed the Senkaimon.
Zaraki: hmph, as if I care about that. I’m only here to fight you.
Wairudo: …You trulyare worthy to be called Kenpachi.

Wairudo straightens up and pulls out his sword slowly from its sheathe and holds it out in front of him.

Wairudo: My Shikai’s ability is based on speed and sharpness, in other words to be able to land the first hit and cut deeply. But, it seems that it’s speed and cutting power aren’t enough to pierce through the force of your raw reiatsu.

He turns his sword so that its tip is pointing down.

Wairudo: I had no desire to go this far, however fighting at this level would take too long. Goodbye Kenpachi of Zaraki.
Zaraki: hah

Shizen suddenly appears beside Wairudo.

Shizen: Captain!
Wairudo: Shizen, has Kurosaki Ichigo been taken care of?
Wairudo:?!... You can debrief me later. Use your bankai and contain him, I have no wish to kill him.

Shizen Plants her sword in the ground in front of her and jumps towards Zaraki.

Shizen: Bankai! Yoi Tsuki no Okoku!!

A circle appears surrounding Shizen and Zaraki. Shizen’s sword disappears from the ground and appears in her hand.

Zaraki: Huh?
Wairudo: Shizen, incapacitate him and then report to me for a full briefing. Be grateful to Shizen Zaraki Kenpachi, thanks to her your life will be spared.
Kyoraku: I’m afraid we may not have the luxury of being so merciful Wairudo san.

All around the Senkaimon the captians of the Gotei 13 appear, they all have their swords drawn at the ready.

Scene change to Aizen

He is still seated in the same position as before. His head is tilted, his eyes staring down at the floor. He remembers Ichigo’s last words, speaking them softly to himself.

Aizen:…Maybe this time you could use it to protect…

He looks up at the wall of flames, the flicker of flames reflecting off of his eyes.
He remembers a scene back when he was a lieutenant in the Gotei 13.
The captain commander is standing in front of all the lieutenants, addressing them. Aizen is standing near the back in his lieutenants robes watching it all.

Yamamoto: It is only the weak that worry about the choices that they have to make.
Young Aizen:…
Yamamoto: The strong know the choices they will have to make!

One of the other lieutenants leans over to Aizen and whispers.

Lieutenant: That’s easy enough for him to say.

Aizen nods in acknowledgement but never takes his eyes off of the captain commander.

Yamamoto: They are not strong because they are more powerful, they are strong because they know that ultimately there are only ever two choices. The power to protect and the power to take.
Young Aizen:…
Yamamoto: You are the backbone of the Gotei 13! You have been given the power to protect!! Grow strong, throw away any weakness you have!! Step into the future and protect it with your lives!!!

Everyone gathered yells in unison as Azien stands there watching quietly.
The memory fades from Aizen’s mind as he slowly stands up from his chair, he looks at the wall of flames once more this time focusing on it.

Aizen: …it seems you plan to haunt me even after your death…

Aizen begins to walk towards the wall of flames.

Aizen: It seems though, that I have made my decision.

Scene Changes back to the senkaimon.

Wairudo stares at the amassed captains. There are a couple of lieutenants spread out amongst them too.

Wairudo: Why would you do this? Surely you know that you cannot win!
Kyoraku: Wairudo san, we may not be able to win alone, but neither can you. We would rather that you fought with us but…
Wairudo: …so you all have chosen annihilation.
Ukitake: If annihilation is our fate than we would meet it gladly.
Unohona: We could either retreat, as you have requested, and wait until the day come for us.
Shinji: Or we can meet them on the battlefield and take as many of those fuckers we can with us.
Komamura: Given the choice, our choice is to fight away from our subordinates so that their lives may be spared.
Hitsugaya: If that means we have to go through you first then so be it!

Wairudo looks at each one of the captains as they speak.

Wairudo: …How pitiful. You could not protect soul society, you could not save your Captain commander.
Captains: !!
Wairudo: You could not defeat the enemy and you could not follow the orders you were given. This is how pitiful the Gotei 13 have become and yet you stand there telling me that you have a choice?!
Kyoraku: …
Wairudo: If this is where you wish to fall then so be it!

Wairudo raises his hand into the air and clenches it into a fist. Behind him 3 members of the Zero squad appear. One of them is the one that visited Byakuya in his room.

Wairudo: Where are the rest?
Ichigo: Sorry but I had to take care of them.

Ichigo appears a dozen feet behind Wairudo and the Zero squad members. He is carrying two of the Zero squad members over his left shoulder. He throws them towards Wairudo and the others.

Ichigo: Don’t worry they’re not hurt too badly, I just had to knock them out, but you may want to tell them to be a little more vigilant in the future.
Wairudo: (He took out both of them and I didn’t even notice! Did he not release any spiritual pressure at all?!)
Ichigo pulls out his sword in one fast motion and slices it across in front of him

Ichigo: *Joukaku Enjou*!
Wairudo: !!! That is -!

Tha air around the Zero squad members bursts into flame, circling around them and sealing them within.

Ukitake: Joukaku enjou?!
Kyoraku: It seems that Kurosaki san has retained some of the captain commander’s techniques.

Ichigo looks at the blazing flames.

Ichigo: By the time you get out of there we will be long gone. The choice is yours as to what do after, you can stay here and let us fight it out on our own, or you can come back us up and help defeat them once and for all.

Ichigo walks away from the blaze heading towards Kyoraku and Ukitake.

Ichigo: Kyoraku San, please open the Senkaimon, it’s time we left.

Scene Change to Zaraki

Zaraki is standing off against Shizen, he seems scuffed and is breathing a little more heavily than before.

Shizen: Have you had enough? I can finish you off now if you’d prefer.
Zaraki: Hah, you’ve been trying to finish me off since the beginning but this is one pain in the ass ability.

Outside a blazing circle of flame appears trapping Wairudo and the others, no sound seems to pass through though.

Shizen: What the hell is going on out there?!

Zaraki’s expression is stone cold serious. All sign of humour has gone from his face.

Zaraki: Let me out of here girl!
Shizen: Hmph
Zaraki: Let me out now before it’s too late! I have to find out?!
Shizen: Too late? As if you can do anything in your position, what is that you want to find out anyway?
Zaraki: I have to know if HE was the Kenpachi that came before me!

Zaraki stands holding out his sword one handed and points it at Shizen.

Zaraki: Do not push me into doing…Let me out now!
Shizen: …why is that so important?
Zaraki: …There was only one reason why I took the name Kenpachi…so that that Bastard who had the name before me would come to find me!!
Shizen: …?

Zaraki’s reiatsu suddenly explodes out in a huge storm. His Maniacal grin is back on his face as he meets eyes with Shizen.

Zaraki: You took too long. *Bankai*!!!

Bleach 525: The showdown Begins 2
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