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Re: Naruto 612 Discussion

Originally Posted by kael03 View Post
3 things are wrong with this entire statement.

First, the Hyuuga clan (or anyone with a Byakugan) have more knowledge of the chakra system since they can see the chakra pathways and have a combat style that specifically targets it.

Second, other than Tsunade and Sakura, the medical ninja are not known for their offensive capabilities. Even then, Sakura has only shown the "super strength" and Tsunade has done the whole nerve reversal thing.

Third, they have to hit Obito to affect his chakra network. His limit is 5 consecutive minutes of phasing (meaning not turning the phasing off for 5 straight minutes), but he only has to remain phased long enough for an attack to pass through him.
Wrong a doctor knows the precise location to check for swollen lymph nodes due to knowledge of the lymphatic system. Assuredly the medical corps would know this system well. Tsunade repaired rock lees. Shizune studied under her I'm sure she knows something.

Another alternative to needing the medical corps would be to boost ninjutsu attacks past their normal limitations much in the way Tsunade gave Oonoki a boost in an attempt to make jutsu last longer than Obito's 5 minute limit.

Besides the hyuuga are needed to face madara. I'm sure the gentle fist is gonna shine on his bitch ass
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