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Re: Naruto 612 Discussion

Originally Posted by Human Rasengan View Post
Wrong a doctor knows the precise location to check for swollen lymph nodes due to knowledge of the lymphatic system. Assuredly the medical corps would know this system well.
Go back and reread the first point, since you clearly didn't. I never said they lacked knowledge of the chakra system. I said the Hyuuga had more knowledge than any medical ninja BECAUSE THEY CAN SEE THE CHAKRA SYSTEM.

Tsunade repaired rock lees.
No, she didn't. Lee's chakra system wasn't crushed by Gaara, his arm and leg were. He had bone fragments all along his spine. His chakra system was fine.

Shizune studied under her I'm sure she knows something.
How is this relevant?

Another alternative to needing the medical corps would be to boost ninjutsu attacks past their normal limitations much in the way Tsunade gave Oonoki a boost in an attempt to make jutsu last longer than Obito's 5 minute limit.
lolwut? Tsunade's "boost" to Oonoki was replenishing his chakra and healing him from getting hit in the face by 2 meteors. She didn't "make his jutsu last longer", she did what a medical ninja is trained to do - heal the wounded.

By the way, I love how you casually sidestepped the glaring idiocy I pointed out by changing your original point from "they will fight him" to "they'll boost others fighting him".

Besides the hyuuga are needed to face madara. I'm sure the gentle fist is gonna shine on his bitch ass
Because a guy that is constantly regenerating is clearly going to be bothered by the Hyuuga. Any damage they do to him will heal in short order (see: faster than they can do anything about). They can't close his chakra pathways long enough to reduce his threat.
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