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Re: Naruto 613 Spoilers/Predictions

613 - Rinnegan Perfect Combination of five natures

Naruto and the alliance attack head on!

Many ninja are shown falling down at Madara and Obito, who are standing on Jyuubi head. Madara is calm while has arms folded on his waist while Obito is little concerned about incomming Alliance shinobi. Naruto is falling down with Fuuton Rasen Shuriken in his hand while Obito takes defence state, Madara begin to talk after yawn.

Obito(serious): bring it on, Naruto !
Madara(yawn):ehm...,(turns his head to Obito) let's show them rinnengan users teamwork.
Obito(calm down and turns to Madara): ?!, what do you mean ?!
Madara: time to stretch a little and show them real power of five elements.
Obito: clever idea.

Naruto and rest of shinobi army notices Madara unfolds arms and raise his both hands at height of his chest with Obito doing same thing.

Naruto: ?! *What are they doing ?!*

Madara and Obito are doing few handseals with flash speed, then both smirks at falling down shinobi army at them, who are totaly impressed and scared cause of speed with Madara and Obito are doing handseals, so they are not even visible for eye to catch.

Shinobi army: oh NO!!
Other Shinobi: shoot them !
Shikaku: attack them without break !
Inoichi: stop him at all cost!

Shinobi army launch many elemental techniques and rain of shuriken, kunai and kunai with explosive note is heading straight at Madara and Obito, who just finished doing handseals.

Shinobi army: take it, bastards !
Random Shinobi(blowing fire jutsu): Die bastards
Random Shinobi2(conducts electricity through their hands then shoot lightining at them): Die !
Random Shinobi3(breath wave of wind): take it !

Madara and Obito finished doing handseals with keeping last handseal, both Madara Rinnengan's and Obito Rinnengan in his left eye begin to glowing as rain of shuriken, kunai and mass of fire, wave of wind, chain of lightining bolts are heading at them. Madara and Obito stay calm, then smirk appear on their faces for moment. Meanwhile Naruto being in sage mode and keeping Fuuton Rasen shuriken in his hand try to avoid powerfull whirwind created by Madara and Obito.

Naruto: ?!
Naruto(sense something): *Something strange is happening in air*(notices Madara and Obito with keeping handseal while Rinnengan glowing violently )
Naruto(sense): *Air begin to moving, they are going to use wind release jutsu! *

Madara: Wind Release: slicing whirlwind of Destruction !
Obito: Wind Release: Whirlwind of wind blows !

Naruto: ?!
Naruto: I will avoid this whirlwind at all cost !

Army shinobi is still falling down from air, as mass of flames disolves completly, wave of wind vanishes and chain of lightining bolts split in many of lightining bolts which are blown away in many directions, when these jutsu's as about to hit Madara and Obito keep finish handseal. Suddenly Shinobi army are surronded by spining blows of winds which appear from nowhere , creating whirlwind. Shinobi army stop moving and are forced to float in air, they are being dragged in whirlwind, while being cut by all wind slices comming from all sides in circular shape.
Madara and Obito smirks at the same time while watching shinobi army decreasing in number one by one sliced by powerfull blows of winds.

Shinobi army: ARGH!!!!!
Random Shinobi: goarg!!!
Random Shinobi2: agh!!!
Random Shinobi3: Gargh!!!!
Random Shinobi: NO!!!

Naruto is dragged by powerfull whirlwind, he is hit by blows of wind slicing him a lot of times, scratches his clothes.

Naruto: argh!!!, *my clothes, this whirlwind is powefull, to be able to hurt me in Senin mode, and(turns behind yourself) keep so many shinobi in air ! *

Naruto: but I won't let you injure my comrades!

Some of shinobi try to use water release to stop mass of fire, by power of fire release jutsu from Rinnengan users is overhelming not enough powerfull water release jutsu launched by shinobi army.

Random Shinobi1(shoot a water stream): extinguish this fire !
Random Shinobi(shoot a water wave): cover it with water !
Random Shinobi3(shoot a water ball): do your best !
Random Shinobi4(shoot a water stream): Stop them at all cost !

Thanks to great power of Fuuton Rasen Shuriken Naruto go through spining blows of wind. Naruto is heading with Fuuton Rasen shuriken in his hand at Madara and Obito, while he watches Madara and Obito standing calm keeping hand seal

Naruto: HOAH!!!!!
Naruto(while go through whirwind): *I can't loose*
Naruto(openning his eyes with confidence): I will overcome all obstacles !, none will stop me !

Madara: ?!
Obioto: ?!

Madara: blows of wind slicing this Shinobi army is fun view to watch.
Obito: Yeah, so much fun.

Madara and Obito talks for moment, exchange looks then smirks, as they forms many handseals in flash, with only last handseal visible for Naruto and Shinobi army, then their Rinnengan's is still glowing as they blows huge mass of fire at Naruto.

Naruto: ?!
Naruto(sense): *temperature of air around me is increasing a lot, shit they will use fire release jutsu !*

Madara: Time to increase tempearature of air(smirks).
Obito: let's show them greeting in style of Uchiha(smirks).
Madara: I like your way of thinkings, Obito.

Madara: Fire release: Great Fire Anihilation !
Obito: Fire release: Flames of Destruction !

Madara and Obito are shown with finishing handseal. Madara blows huge amount of fire stream at Shinobi army, while Obito blows few times smaller stream of flames at Shinobi army.

Random shinobi(notices mass of fire released from Madara and Obito mouths): argh!!!, oh no!!!
Random Shinobi2: Shit !
Random Shinobi3: help us

Naruto notices mass of fire heading in his direction and shinobi army, so he decides to throw Fuuton Rasen shuriken at comming mass of fire, as in behind Naruto back is shown many shinobi suffering a lot and getting many cuts, wounds while being floating in spining whirwind.

Naruto(sense hot emitting from Madara and Obito mouths): ?!
Naruto(watches mass of flames comming at him): oh shit !
Naruto(thinks): I need to stop it !
Naruto(throw Rasen shuriken at Mass of fire): Take this !

Madara and Obito are shown enjoying shinobi army suffering in whirlwind, while Fuuton Rasen Shuriken is slolwy aproaching mass of fire and is about to collide with great mass of fire.

Madara(notices Fuuton Rasen Shuriken): ?!
Obito(notices Fuuton Rasen Shuriken): ?!
Madara(annoyed): pathetic attempright.
Obito(little concerned): indeed *Something is not right, he should know that wind make only fire stronger, what he is up to ?! *

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