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Re: Naruto 613 Spoilers/Predictions

Shinobi army look in despair, while being still floating and sliced in whirlwind, connected huge stream of fire is approaching them, then clash with Whirlwind, which cause fire stream to increase in size and be even hotter surronding shinobi army.
While fire connect with whirlwind, moving blows of winds cause fire to move in same direction in curcular shape, creating whirlwind made of fire which completly burns and scorches all Shinobi army.

Shinobi army: ARGH!!!!!
Random Shinobi: goarg!!!
Random Shinobi2: agh!!!
Random Shinobi3: Gargh!!!!
Random Shinobi: NO!!!

Many burnt shinobi bodies motionless are shown floating in spining circular shape in whirlwind of fire

Fuuton Rasenshuriken clashes for a while with Mass of fire, as it make poof and changes into Naruto sage mode clone which is burnt a lot. Naruto sage mode clone is falling down at Madara and Obito.

Madara and Obito watch burnt shinobi bodies floating in whirlwind of fire, throwing big circle of light on ground, resembling sun.

Madara: I missed this view for quite long time, don't you Obito ?

Obito: Yeah, It was long time since I saw so amazing view.

Madara: ?!

Obito: ?!

Madara and Obito are suprised as they notice Fuuton Rasen shuriken changing into clone, Naruto sage mode creates more clones after he passes mass of flames, which is about to connect with whirwind. All Naruto Sage mode clones are falling down at Madara and Obito.

Madara: a clone, again ...
Obito: so boring tactic *I won't understimate you, Naruto, what you are up to ?!*

Naruto sage clone: you will pay bastards !
Naruto: Multi shadow clone no jutsu !

Shinobi army is overhelmed by mass of flames, surronding flames are spining in circular shape burning shinobi bodies, killing many of them. Shinobi army is surronded by spining flames while many of their bodies is coating in fire and strugle to survive. Flames are slowly vanishing with burnt lifeless bodies of shinobi falling down letting surivors of shinobi army escape outside. Madara and Obito look at yourselves while enjoying this view.

Shinobi army: argh !!!!
Random Shinobi 1coating in flames) I can't fight any more, argh!!!!
Random Shinobi 2being burnt really badly): I can't withstand it any more, ergh!!!

Naruto all sage mode hundred clones are heading straight at Madara and Obito, they are closer and closer with every second passed meanwhile Madara and Obito exchanges few words again, exchanges looks with yourselves then turns faces to incomming Naruto with his clones, while smirking in evil way.

Naruto sage clone(to other clone): Attack them with will force
Naruto sage clone2(to remains clones): use frog katas and crush them with nature power !
All naruto sage clones: finish them in one blow !

Madara(watches sage mode clones heading at him and Obito): looks like, he is really stuborn. Time to test his durability againt ground itself(smirks).
Obito(watches sage mode clones heading at him and Obito): yeah time to see how his skin is hard(smirks).

Madara: Earth release: earth harden spikes !
Obito: Earth release: earth harden skpikes !

Madara and Obito form many handseals at flashing speed then finish with last handseal, then hit ground with both of their hands while their both Rinnengan glows violently form moment again, as Naruto sage mode clones are approaching Madara and Obito. Ground begin to shake on enormus range(almost all battlefield) then with ground grow rocks which take forms of sharp spikes, which begin to be sharper and thinner with every second, then come with enormus speed at Naruto sage clones and shinobi army still floating coated in fire, with many being dead .

Naruto Sage clone: ?!
Naruto Sage clone2: *earth is moving so suddenly, earth release jutsu !, Madara and Obito(looks at them with mad face)*
Naruto Sage clone3: Nothing will stop us, from beating you bastards !

Madara(keep his handseal): heh, we will see..., AH!!!
Obito(keep his handseal): hope doesn't exist anymore !

Shinobi army is still floating in air, with many of them dead already, as some survivors notice huge amount of earth sharp spikes heading at them with great speed. Survivors has dispair look in their eyes, as death flashes in their heads.

Surviving shinobi : oh no!!!
Surviving shinobi2: I don't want to die
Surviving shinobi3: damn it, not again !

Many earth spikes are impaling in all shinobi burnt and lifeless bodies falling down, Naruto sage clones crash in earth spikes, breaking it in pieces , making it flat , as army of shinobi is increasing in amount of victims. Many shinobi burnt and lifeless bodies are falling down impaled at earth spikes. Some skilled or lucky shinobi barerly touch earth spikes with their feet then jump up, to be out of range of earth spikes jutsu. Madara and Obito enjoy this view again, smilling in evil way.

Madara: it looks like earth is really hard.(smirks)
Obito: Indeed, and looks great as hanger for shinobi bodies .(smirks)
Madara: Lets show them power of liquid.(exchange look with Obito)
Obito: let's wash them off

Madara: Water release: hot stream of water !
Obito: Water release: underground water stream !

Sage Naruto clone(sense): *something disrupt flowing water in underground*
Sage Naruto clone2: shit water release !.
Sage Naruto clone3: we have to stop them !

Naruto sage clones dash at Madara and Obito while being on ground. Madara and Obito are shown standing with keeping handseal with Rinnegan glows for moment, while ground is shaking in many places, then strong stream of hot water shoot off from ground and all remains earth spikes, heading at all survivors of shinobi army and Naruto sage clones, all survivors of shinobi army try to avoid stream of water by moving in air.

Surviving shinobi : oh no!!!
Surviving shinobi5: I don't want to die
Surviving shinobi6: damn it, not again !

Sage Naruto clones avoid many stream of water, but Madara and Obito make one handseal more, then everywhere in range of 100 m shoot off streams of hot water, throwing them in sky, scalding their bodies. Survivors of shinobi army are scalded by hot streams of water touching them while throwing them in sky.

Sage Naruto clone: dammit !
Sage Naruto clone3: We have to avoid
Sage Naruto clone2: you don't get me

Madara: we will see.(smirks)
Obito: you don't have any chance.(smirks)

Sage Naruto clones and survivors of shinobi army are thrown high in sky, while Madara and Obito look at yourselves , enjoying their power.

Madara: amusing view
Obito: they should understand it already, there is no hope !

Madara(looking at sky, where thounder clouds gather ): I think, it is time for them to see show of lightinings.
Obito: yeah, Let's hear a thunder sound.

Madara: Lightining release: wave of lightining bolts !
Obito: Lightining release: lightining of destruction !

Madara and Obito make handseals in flash speed, then stop with keeping last handseal as they speak jutsu names while their Rinnengan's are glowing violently, then suddenly clouds floating in sky, begin to glow, as sparks appear frequently in them. Survivors of shinobi army look helpless with fear at glowing clouds above them, then many lightinings appear from all sides then hit all survivors of shinobi army, killing all of them. Lifeless electrocuted shinobi bodies are falling down, some of them fall down at remaining earth spikes impaling them. As shinobi army is falling down, Naruto sage clones disappear as real Naruto is badly injured out of sage mode saved in last time by Killer Bee using tentacle in partial transformation.

Madara: I enjoyed this power of Rinnegan, I think we should test more Rinnengan, don't you think Obito ?!
Madara: ?!
Obito(panting and sweeting): I think..., you are right Madara...
Madara: I forgot that you don't have infinite amount of chakra.
Obito: Exactly, you can use your all amount of chakra each time, and it will be restored in seconds. In my case hashirama cells are restoring my chakra, and give me boost, but It takes more time for hashirama cells to restore my chakra. It is not automatic as yours.
Madara: Don't overwork Obito, I will take care of them myself

Madara looks at remain of shinobi army, standing in front of him, who are mad and scared of Rinnengan power.

While Madara and Obito shoot their jutsu at attacking shinobi, all captains and generals with rookies and some talented shinobi backing off in time, so they was able to avoid being in range of Madara and Obito jutsu. While Madara and Obito unleash their powerfull jutsu, they were standing with look hopeless.

Kakashi: shit, *if only I could do something* Sakura, hurry up and heal me !
Sakura: I do my best, sensei.
Gai: damn, it...
Darui: damn, we can't attack them now.
Kitsuchi: worse we can't attack head on at them, because we could fall in range of their jutsu.
Mifune: even launching your ninjutsu from distance is risky, it could kill or hurt our allies.

After Madara and Obito finished attack and lifeless shinobi bodies lie everywhere impaled on earth spikes or ground. Remain of Alliance shinobi are standing a little scared and mad, prepare attack on Madara and Obito. Meanwhile Shikaku try to think new strategy, how defeat Rinnengan with Inoichi, in front of them in Sensing system technique barrier in shape of ball which shows where Aliance shinobi are fighting against Madara and Obito, number of bubbles disappear one by one as shinobi of army attacking Madara and Obito die one by one.

Shikaku: Damn, it doesn't look good, we understimate them...
Inoichi: No, we created great plan, but Rinnengan as godly eye can use any jutsu, there is simply no way to defeat ninja with full mastered Rinnengan.
Ao: Shikaku, Inoichi, Alliance shinobi is in trouble, their numbers is decreasing at fast rate .
Shikaku: Damn it!! I will do my best.
Inoichi: I will help you !

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