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Re: Naruto 613 Spoilers/Predictions

Madara and Obito are shown standing on Jyuubi, Obito fall on one of his knee, panting while Madara folds his arms on his waist again, both enjoy view of many shinobi impaled on earth spikes.

Madara: so much fun.
Obito(on his knee): yeah...
Madara: You are tired, Obito let me take care of them !
Obito: I use this time to rest then.
Madara: You should, or you won't be able to control juubi anymore, it takes a lot of chakra.
Obito: Exactly

Mifune: Only five minutes passed...
Darui: Perfect...
Kitsuchi: Combination
Kakashi: of Rinnengan
Gai: users !

Madara unfolds his arms then do some handseals in flash, with stopping on last handseal. Roots begin to sprout everywhere from ground, changing into forest, while Alliance shinobi army with Naruto and Killer bee rush in Madara and Obito direction. Alliance shinobi stop moving, suprised by appearing forest.

Madara: Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees !

Naruto(sense): ?! *what he is up to*
Naruto(notices roots sprouting from ground): shit !
Killer bee: these roots are crazy shit !
Kakashi: everyone look out!
Darui: shit !
Kitsuchi: Wood release !

Meanwhile Juubi release itself breaking this cement prison created before by connected Shinobi army jutsu using five natures and two KKG. Madara continue this assault, while Juubi creates enormus bijuu dama and aim it at forest.

Madara: Wood Release: Advent of a World of Flowering Trees !

Obito: It looks like, soon they understands there is no hope in this world !

Naruto, Killer bee and rest are knocked away by pollen produced comming from flowers trees while Juubi keep enormus bijuu dama aim it at forest.

Madara: this world
Obito: will ends soon


Will heroes surivive, or will Madara and Obito win

What do you think about my prediction ?

Like, dislike, please write your opinion in comments belows

Sorry for any grammar or typing mistakes

614 - Return of Sasuke

I am sure Adam Shaur prediction rocks and is better than mine , so I admire Aman Shaur inspired me, I try my best .

On serious: LOL Adam Shaur, he can never learns when to stop, so much troll.

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