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Re: Naruto 612 Discussion

My goodness, as i said one piece is interesting but come on.
you guys talk about plot no jusu in naruto? ive never seen any compared to the those in one piece;
How ca n usop take a 4 ton bat to the head by a BW member and still be alive to talk and throw smoke bomb, no matter how determined you are you should die, especially when he is meant to be a regular human.
Oh boy, someone has gone full retard.

Are you seriously going to question durability in fiction ?
That is a staple in any battle manga.

Same goes for sanji and all of them, no matter the amount of attacks they take they never stay down, its ridiculous(case in point arlong park battle). the amount of attacks they take in battle is ridiculous and 3 or 4 good attacks to their opponent and they win.
Full retard indeed.

And whats up with inanimate objects e.g a gun able to eat a devil fruit.
You want me to spoil shit for you ? If not how about continuing to read the manga so you can find out how that is possible ?

Whats up with the most ridiculous plot no jutsu ive ever seen or read. They were trying to get Alubarna on time suddenly a giant crab whick happens to be the fastest creature in th desert appears,
I'm sure the camel Chopper befriended several chapters before had nothing to do with that.

they get to a river and kungfu moles conviniently appear finally the fastest group of desert ducks appear at the right time, come on son.
I'm sure the fact that Vivi sent Calue to the palace with a letter explaining the entire situation to the king had nothing to do with that.

Luffy is stabbed and burried in sand crocodiles partner decides to help him and woopdidoo, what do we have? F-wan, fastest flying banana croc.
Considering the fact that she was ready to betray Croc at any moment is it surprising that she helped one of his enemies ? It was advantageous for her and it paid off later.

I dont care about naruo anymore, but your constant bashing it in comparism to it to one piece made me read one piece, and what i have to say is.
Lol wut ?

The last time I even argued with someone about OP was with Veng, eons ago. What is this constant comparison you speak of ?

Never use one piece as benchmark, its not that great. Its fun though.
You can use manga/manhwa's like Shin Angyo Onshin, Swot, Akumetsu, beel etc as bench marks not this.
I don't read any of those, nor do I give a shit about your taste in fiction. I'm defending OP against retarded criticism coming from Prez and now you, if you don't like it feel free to try and debate me.

p.s A gun "eating" a fruit? SMH
I'm wondering if you actually read OP or just look at the pictures, your knowledge about it is lacking.

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