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Re: Naruto 612 Discussion

Originally Posted by NeoKakarott023 View Post
All I got to say is Luffy's on the front of a building in Japan for a movie release for SOME reason; whilst Naruto & Bleach authors/productions houses have decided on they're own that its time to move on, and its incredibly obvious in the incompetent holes that are blown into the stories that can't ever be patched, or its done so horribly one wishes they left the shit alone and just proceeded past it. They both GAVE AWAY they're followings, threw away fans like trash, and looked only to mass market for the money grab on the way out.

IMHO OP follows the mold of Dragonball to Dragonball Z, the author seemingly is very interested in the story, and spends time on specifics as if its one in a series of novels, whereas lots of plots are at best like a TV series with honorable mentions of the genesis of the plot.

I can understand why some don't like OP, I didn't used to, thats the beauty of manga, they're are so many available, one can dislike what the masses do and still have a good experience. My first tour was tardy, but one of the best rides I've had in years. They're aren't enough for us fans nowadays because we swallow down anywheres from 3 to some of us 10 mangas that we keep up with, and were basically greedy. Because of the lack of anything that can satify our apetites, we can dissect what we dislike and go to war amongst each other, with whats better.... like rappers. In this argument Dagoro is like and Old School Hip Hop Artist attempting to explain something to a New School Artitst. I agree with some of all that has said, even Veng, but nobodies gonna win, its always up to the individual's eyetest, everybody can have it and be correct.

Another note, though I'm not big on following a lot a rules, please stop posting out of Story unless generalizing, and please realize some haven't read/seen OP and they're are things called spoilers. A shit load has been spewed and thats not fair to those who are even still on the journey toward THAT STUFF IN THE STORY, so please take it to the appropiate section is all I ask. Dudes in here steered me toward OP and I truly appreciate they're efforts, so I'm more protective over it than Ble... not even worth finishing the name of it, or Naruto (merely hanging for Sasuke alone).
Sorry. You are right spoilers are popping and im suffering too.
Whats HxH.
BOT obito should be easy to defeat if kakashi warps a whole platoon into the other realm, he will have no choice than to fight head on.

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