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Re: Naruto 612 Discussion

Underlying aspects of that scene... should I already start laughing? Or that part comes later?
Masking your stupidity with a fail attempt at wit, classic "Shit, I don't have an argument" move.

Should this insult my reading comprehension? Because I sure as fuck didn't find something life changing in a kid's manga. Maybe I am just not intelligent enough for this genius piece of writing?
Or you are just an obtuse bitch, one or the other.

Yeah, he wanted to sacrifice himself. That was awesome. He didn't die. Uh, what sacrifice? WHAT A THEME!!
He survived due to sheer endurance and willpower, he was ready to die should it come to pass. But hey, continue with your one track BS, that will get you somewhere.

Yeah, random Shicibukai
Yeah, the guy that arrived at Marijoa several chapters ago and was chilling there ended up being the one to go. What randomness indeed.

who needs to kill them all decides to kill one of them (and he survives).
Again, blatant dismissal of all the elements of that scene. Kuma decided to torture Zoro and leaving the overwhelming stacked damage to finish him off. But Zoro, being the stubborn person that he is refused to go down, simple as that.

It would have been better if Kuma was like : hey bros, you are great guys, I'll let you all live. Not that sacrifice which isn't really a sacrifice shit.
How imaginative.

...are you trying to defend it? Because all those scenes were MORONIC AS FUCK. It's the reason people say no one dies in OP.
That is not the issue. You framed this as some BS occurrence, which it isn't since it's backed by canon.

Do you even realize what you are writing? It's a fucking parody and a kid's manga. How can you take such idiotic things like some life lessons?
Do you realize that he survived because the plot was very weak? Do you know what could have been a better friendship theme? IF HE ACTUALLY DIED. That brings impact to the reader, dunno if you realize what that means though because you are obviously a man-child.

Jesus Christ what a nerd.
Pointless ad hominem, I think were done here.

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