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Re: Bleach 519

I'm not convinced either Urahara or Aizen actually saw the king personally though. It just doesn't make sense that they could be able to go to that place. There are plenty of other ways they could know about him though. I can think of a few ways off the top of my head.

1) When people are promoted Captain status the captain-commander informs them about the true nature of their royal overlord. It mean only Aizen and Urahara made the comment about the "nature" of the king, but that doesn't mean they alone know about it. Yama had to know something about it for sure, if he's got the goddamn key and shit.

2) They did extensive research into the subject. Soul Society has a HUGE fucking Library ya' know. Some of the books there could have hints and clues on the subject that mean little themselves, but when put together form the 'Big Picture'. That's EXACTLY how Aizen figured out the means of making his Key.

3) The 2nd division might be intrusted with secret info on the matter. Those guys have several subsections in them that act on different matter. Some are police, while other are assassination experts. I think some act as scouts or spies within SS as well. Might as well have some sort of Section XIII (Hellsing reference) type of shit in there as well.

4) Combination of the above. Like Yama tells all the captains a little bit about the king, and Aizen researched it further and found the "truth". Urahara could have found some extremely classified files in the 2nd divisions archives in his time there, but wasn't entirely sure what kind of entity they were referring. Then when he becomes a Captain latter and Yama lets him in on the situation, everything starts to make sense.

I'm not saying any of those are what happened. Just saying there are other options besides someone somehow winding up in a location without explanation, making their way past the watching eye of the Zero Squad, seeing the King, and successfully managing to make their escape....twice apparently. Does not compute....SMH. :P

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