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Re: Naruto 613 Discussion

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
I thought it was a bit ironic that Madara and Obito were using the Juubi in the manner that Nagato had originally intended, as a nuclear bomb.

Looks like Kishi's setting landscape for Naruto to become supreme Ninja Jesus after this is over. The Kages were all beaten nearly to death (all of them would've died had Tsunade not done whatever BS's she gonna be revealed to have done). Madara and Obito are dropping Juubi nukes like they're making it rain in the strip club. Whatever Naruto (and Sasuke) pulls off to put a stop to this, it's gonna earn him that status.

Sealing it in himself.

The Raikage's assistant.

One thing that confuses me is how the SOSP already knew of a seal powerful enough to seal the juubi inside himself. Where would he have gotten that knowledge? Did the rinnegan provide it?

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