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Re: One piece 692

Originally Posted by kluang View Post
Me thinks he's playing cards. Cuz Ace's pirate crew is call the Spade Pirates.

Jack is also call hook. And who have a hook

he's coming back.
You know I wouldnt mind that, I mean it was clear during the war that Don and Crocodile had a little history, and he was asking Croco to work for him. Obviously no there.

Then before time skip we heard Crocodile had plans he was going to set up in New World with Mr 1. In fact good chance that Crocodile might have been one of the people on the monitors perhpas ? Lately there was one guy smoking cigars ( Before anyone says anything, yes that guy looks to be wearing a hat and Crocodile hasnt been showing wearing one, but come on its the time skip here some people have went through major changed clothing wise.))

But for the Donflamingo arc I would actually like to see Law Luffy and maybe Crocodile teaming up against him then there Yonkou (( Thats Luffy and Law teaming up, stilll think Drakes with them but thats just me )).
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