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D Gray Man 217


Wow so Yuu will become a general..I didn't see that happening..also he can surpass critical point putting him closer to Allen's level of power. So is the Cardinal pure innocence? I am getting confused over the translation. Also 10th and 11th Noah are still alive? I thought they perished while within the Ark? Allen was spotted though? I thought he was sleeping while Johnny was watching over him? Alot going on and the scans aren't particularly clear. So with that said Yuu will get a new ability or even greater mugen traits, maybe three or four style shadow sword (illusion sword or whatever) Leenali and Marie are going into custody? for what? Man ....a long wait to get some answers.....

EDIT: Oh yeah Timcampy, I don't see dying off just yet... some serious secrets are still to be shed behind the good ole golden golem

Cardinal says: "Everything I have done, has been for the sake of the heart." What does this mean?

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