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Re: your favorite anime series

Originally Posted by Bro View Post
Yes it does. I'm just kind of tired of animes with OP main characters, idk maybe it's just me lol. They need to hurry up and release the other episodes on Hulu.
It's true that SAO does not have many if any OP characters. (Besides main dude) Though I feel as if that will change soon since the new season or story arc has started. Now that the owner and CEO of the game is apart of it and playing within it I see some serious power ups happening. (also the main dudes training and skill set remains the same even though everyone else's was reset.) It will grow dull if everyone remains the same power level sadly...(or just low character attributes.) They will always depend on him ..and that will be lame.....the author will def need to find some cool aspects to keep readers and watchers hooked....
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