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Re: Naruto 614

Originally Posted by Dagoro View Post
Sakura needs to die. The bitch is has gotten off light in this whole thing.
your dislike of a character is not a reason for them to die. Sakura's the female lead...

Originally Posted by I love Naruto Babes View Post
Didn't see Neji's death coming, but he went out like a man. Much respect.

I just hope that his message to Naruto finally set off a light in his thick head. IMHO, if Naruto does not wife up Hinata after she put her life on the line for him not once, but TWICE, he should cut his freakin' balls off.

C'mon Kishi, make Naruto/Hinata happen.
Jiraiya died for Naruto's sake, is Naruto in love with him? no.

Sakura almost died to save Elder Chiyo, did Chiyo fall in love with her? no.

clearly that isn't a condition for falling in love. you know, love, not "she's infatuated with me and has big boobs"

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