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Re: Bleach 521

Quick points based on the questions asked and what i have understood, sorry if i'm wrong or off the mark.

1. SHE said she created the artificial SOUL. As far as i'm aware Urahara has only created the atificial Faux bodies that the souls can go in, not the souls themselves. it seems urahara has expanded on her technique the same way that he recreated the technique of that pool guy on the previous platform.

P.s. This is indicating that hemay have also been here, which in turn indicates he's been through the whole of this journey maybe all the way upto the soul king.Where the hell is all this back story for him coming from?!! And was he possibly invited to join because of creating the Hougyoku?

2. The swords are an extension of their soul, but who came about with technique, process or whatever that allows them to materialise and especially in the shape of a sword.
Yama was around 1000 years (this guy may have been too) but there's nothing to say that the zanpaktou were around then, maybe they had to master and control their reiatsu back then to gain their abilities whereas now its just 'Bankai'!

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