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Re: Naruto 614

Originally Posted by Vengeance View Post
Huu?? Sakura doesn't need to die in order to advance the story. if Sakura was going to die it should have been done by Sasuke back when he killed Danzou. Sakura hesitating to kill Sasuke followed with Sasuke following through with it would have been the perfect setup. Kakashi being to slow to save her with Naruto arriving one minute to late after the fact. It could have been used as a plot device to change Naruto's motivation towards Sasuke from savor to vengeance. Since it didn't happen then it shouldn't happen now.

I still fail to see how Hinata has anything to do with this conversation.
then naruto would be the same as obito now, from seeing kakashi boob punching rin (no sarcsam, just pointing it out). and yes i agree with u veng that would have been way better.

and neji dying is worthless but then they do have little history in the past (little is an overstatement but still ...) so i think there will be some impact to the way ppl will strt to feel esp when a konoho shinobis who have, i dont know how, have survived every mission they went, die.for readers maybe not but for naruto he will get some rainbow powers now, maybe due to his uzumaki lineage or the will of fire.

and the part with naruto not knowing what happened, maybe shikaku did not convey this to naruto alone. all others heard it except him and tht might be the plan itself

p.s. one clarification? is naruto able to make 3 rasen shuriken now with the SM? when did that happen?
FYI if anyone noticed this was just like how "u know who" died in OP.

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