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Re: Naruto 614

Originally Posted by Emissary of Justice View Post
Okay, so you stretched the thread to do what? That first scene is already referenced in the latest chapter.

Fucking hilarious. I came here partially out of boredom and bam, new chapter. Neji's awesome, but at the same time, both Obito and Naruto needed this. With Orochimaru, he took Sasuke away. Nagato killed Jiraya. Minato and Kushina died protecting Naruto, but that was over a decade ago and he was just a baby, never knowing them personally until later. Not even sure if he knows that Konan died. Also, is this the first time he's seen a comrade die up close?

Seems like the telepathic message was only sent to their kids which would explain why Naruto has no clue.

I'm surprised Kishi opted to put Obito back in the driver's seat of that duo, illustrating that he has Madara by the balls and clearing up the mystery/plothole surrounding why Nagato never used Rinne Tensei before, either for Yahiko or Obito's benefit. With him admitting that he never even considered Madara his ally, it confirms to me that he never intended to bring Madara back. I'm guessing it was intended for Rin, but that still seems like a problem with Nagato being unable to bring back Jiraya due to time constraints. Either they don't know or the problem was that Jiraya fell into the water and couldn't be found.
or Jiraiya shows up with Orochimaru and Sasuke to help lmao.

seriously though kishis contradicts himself to much.
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