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Re: Naruto 614

Naruto got the same message as everyone else.

The difference is when they abruptly stopped sending the message everyone KNEW what happened. Naruto chose not to, back of his mind he knew.
It's kinda like when something bad happens, you know it did you just don't want to believe it.

Neji is a good character to die here protecting him. He was the first to REALLY change his thinking due to Naruto. So him giving his life for the person that changed his, is fitting.

For a second I thought it was gonna be a replay of Minato & Kushina, with th ewood spikes impaling both Neji and Hinata. Then Naruto would have flashed back on the story Kushina showed him inside his head.

I still really rather Naruto be powerful without Kurama, cause the Alliance is really depending on him. Only reason they are trying to buy time is for Naruto's "strength" to return. (AKA Kurama gain more chakra and get back into the fight.)

I liked that ninja were dying but AGAIN someone is pulling Sakura out of the way of danger/death!

One More Thing:

Kishimoto/editors might pull a "Bleach" on us, and make us think THIS is the last arc. Then run two more arcs afterwards JUST to make sure it needs to end.

TBH, with a few corrections and inspiration form Part I, Naruto(the Manga) can recover.

1.After the War, everyone goes home to rebuild their villages. To beat down to help each other.
2 All the Bijuu are gone or sealed away.

3. Naruto has to train w/o Kurama and gain his own strength. (insert Uzumaki heritige of seal knowledge.)
4. Sasuke is still rogue but NOT committing any crimes., just trying to rebuild his clan.

5. Oro becomes the bad guy again with Kabuto by his side.

6. Kakashi is Hokage after Tsunade retires to head the Medical corps & village relief missions

7. Kurenei becomes Sakura trainer in Genjutsu, to become more effective

8. Naruto becomes a Chunnin, while the rookie 8 all end up as Jonin.

9. Naruto is determined to become stronger than ever without Kurama, through hard work. Also discovers new Power-ups in the form of being trained by the Toads and an elder Uzumaki he discovers through Karin.

10. A hidden village betrays the peace act and sides with Orochimaru and the Sound Village.

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