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Re: Naruto 614

I couldnt help but imagine "caw caw...squawk" when Neji's symbolic spirit/bird was skewered.

Regarding the reference to Edo Tensei, I can't see Neji or anyone who's perished so far, coming back...makes more sense to leave him/them dead as a shared loss for Naruto and Hinata.

If Naruto couldn't save all those alliance ninja that just got slaughtered...after making that big "nobody's gonna die"statement...I don't see how Neji's death would make the difference. We've already established that the death of a truly significant character in Naruto's life is more likely to make him rampage (not a Kakashi invisible rampage, but a killing people on both sides rampage).

I think the point is that Naruto wit be able to save anyone without help. While I personally wish the help could have come from Hinata, I think we all know that s--- ain't happening...and since noone currently on the battlefield has been able to truly sway the tide of this battle...I believe we are being set up fot the introduction of Sasuke and/or Orochimaru into the fray... IMHO.

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