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Re: Bleach 521

My only issue with Aizen seeing the soul king would be what did he create? I can't remember if Aizen created the Vizards through his experiments? Other than that I see no reason for the Soul King to take interest in him besides his godly strength. I def see Urahara being invited to the Zero twice now they have referenced him as using their techniques and expanding upon them...It could of been either before he was banished or even afterward possibly... Urahara has a lot of skeletons in his closet as it seems. With the next palace being of the guy who pretty much invented the way of Bankai..I am curious as to how Renji and both Ichigo's Zanpackto (spl) will be upgraded....they have bodies of steel, reiastu (spl) that they have never felt before pouring through their bodies....and with that said...I am excited to see their push to a new level...Ichigo won't be using the final getsuga tensho but maybe something rather close to it without the risks..Renji's case the sky is the limit...So what does the other members bring to the table? Guesses?
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