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Re: Bleach 521

Originally Posted by ckraizitee View Post
Are people just recruitede for inventing stuff? cus i dont think Urahara is that powerful, i always thought he was cus of how he talks and the way his hat shades his eyes. But during the war arch he greately disapointed me, he couldn't even face aizen one on one(nobody could except yama), but i expected more.
Urahara did that on purpose...if you remember he didn't want to face Aizen. Aizen would of expected that, he got the jump on Aizen and that is why and how he is sealed up as we speak. Don't blame Urahara lol blame Kubo.. Urahara has a lot of potential. As a fighter, and a scientist as a historian in his own right. I mean we have yet to see the potential with his own Bankai. Yet to see him completely serious besides the movies...Urahara has always been the stepping stone for Ichigo. Unlike Kakashi who tells Naruto he has surpassed him..we have yet to hear Urahara utter those words to Ichigo. Obviously there is some connection between him and Ichigo's father Isshin. We are now getting to what Aizen said when he talked with Ichigo about his birth and what not...So far Urahara has been behind almost every major step in this manga..Even now the Zero Squad praises him as using their teachings/techniques in his own way. Now if Kubo does not let him go all out in this next war invasion angle..then I would agree totally his character has been a let down....
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