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Re: Naruto 614

Kishi is sending a mixed message, so I can see both points of view. Death is a destiny that no one can escape (not even Madara), but how you choose to die is still in your control. So, Neji choosing this fate is interesting giving his past.

I don't think Neji's death propels the story in anyway unless the others start to die as well left and right. So, sUNshINe & loLLipoPs Naruto's perspective may change, and he may actually grow into an adult from such experiences. But if Neji's death is the only close up one Naruto is witness to, I don't think it has the impact Kishi was hoping for.

Kishi is guilty of making a lot of side characters so meaningless towards propelling the story along. I think we all agree this happened when Naruto became the child of destiny.
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