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Re: Naruto 615 prediction/spoiler


Naruto: No..not you Neji!

Hinata: *continues balling beside Nauto* Neji......*sniffles*

Obito: What now? I thought you said you'd protect all of your comrades!?!?!

Naruto: *looks up with a glare* I will damn it!

Hinata: Naruto-kun!!

Obito: Cry Moar! *evil laugh*

Naruto: You wait and see *mind jutsu of inception*

Obito: AHAHAHAHAHAHA-* suddenly out of nowhere Neji reappears alive and well*

Neji: Ha think you could kill me off??!??!?!

Obito: What..? But how..?

Naruto: I told you...-*suddenly the audience stops reading*

DAMN YOU KISHI, is heard all across the world.

I can see it now tons of riots breaking out. People with rage or grief, some crying over that Neji is alive and some looking pissed as to why Kishi has done such a thing to bring him back.
The suspense is to much.
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