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Re: Naruto 614

Originally Posted by emachina View Post
Since no one else has done it, here goes:

Actually, Emachina, I kinda did that in my wallpost, you didn't see it obviously. But I totally understand, hard to comprehend stuff when grieving for a favorite character. Stay strong bro, this is what fanfiction is for

Originally Posted by ExplosiveArt View Post
Kishi is sending a mixed message, so I can see both points of view. Death is a destiny that no one can escape (not even Madara), but how you choose to die is still in your control. So, Neji choosing this fate is interesting giving his past.

I don't think Neji's death propels the story in anyway unless the others start to die as well left and right. So, sUNshINe & loLLipoPs Naruto's perspective may change, and he may actually grow into an adult from such experiences. But if Neji's death is the only close up one Naruto is witness to, I don't think it has the impact Kishi was hoping for.

Kishi is guilty of making a lot of side characters so meaningless towards propelling the story along. I think we all agree this happened when Naruto became the child of destiny.
According to this Manga, Death IS an escapable destiny. Orochimaru has been doing it for years, Madara even longer, Chiyo gave HER life for Gaara's to allow him to escape death, and Nagato pretty much said "Whoops, my bad, sorry about that" and brought everyone who died in his tantrum back to life. For all we know, there is still a chance for Neji and everyone else who died to pop back up and say "LOLNOPE! NOT DEAD!". Knowing Kishi, this is what is going to happen.

There is an opportunity for Neji's death to propel the story forward, but from a non-biased standpoint I highly doubt it. Why would everyone else dying make it any more important than it is right now? The only way I could see this happening was if he was the only casualty the fanbase cared about *though, I wouldn't mind Sakura adding to the body count*.

Yeah I do agree with you there. I knew when they started talking about Naruto's inherent ability to befriend pretty much anyone that he was going to be the only one to conquer the ultimate evil, and when that was confirmed the manga was pretty much doomed to eternal shithood. And thus we come to the main question: What can be done to save the manga and pull it out of the proverbial toilet?

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