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Re: School shooting in CT

Originally Posted by xxMESTxx View Post
^ I agree with you on this. At this point I'm just sick of hearing about it. It's a bit hypocritical and ridiculous that the media has made it such a big deal. I mean yeah, it sucks that it happened, and I feel bad for the family's and what not. It's only 20 kids though. Their are over 10,000 kids dieing EVERYDAY in this world and the only ones that are important are the American ones with the news coverage? Fuck that.

I also find it really disgusting that Obama made his whole speech about what happened and acted like he was about to cry. Never mind the fact he's personally responsible for thousands of deaths of innocent men, women, and CHILDREN through authorizations of drone strikes and the like in the Middle East.
I don't think it's fair to say he acted like he was going to cry, I'm sure he was legitimately on the verge of tears.

I agree with SD in that world wide deaths aren't a relevant comparison. No matter how little this tragedy actually affects the average American's life, it is arguably far more significant than child death in Africa. But I also don't think domestic child deaths are all that relevant either, because most of them simply don't compare in numbers and perceived preventability.

So for all that, I can agree that it warrants a substantial amount of media attention. However, just because it warrants it doesn't mean it should get it. I think there is far too much of a focus on the killer, and am certain that shootings like these would be far less frequent if the media focused solely on the victims. If they gave absolutely no information about the killers there would be no unintentional glamourization of them. No photos, no names, no personal details; maybe even don't mention a shooter at all and simply imply it. There may only be one person who won't bother with a mass shooting if they won't become infamous, but even one is worth it.

Also, the media coverage focuses too much on death. Tragedies like this, sad as they are, should be used as a celebration of life and a reminder of why it is precious. A focus on death desensitizes people, focusing on life and remembering the victims re-enforces the importance of, and a respect for, life.
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