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Re: School shooting in CT

Originally Posted by Mal View Post
Also, the media coverage focuses too much on death. Tragedies like this, sad as they are, should be used as a celebration of life and a reminder of why it is precious. A focus on death desensitizes people, focusing on life and remembering the victims re-enforces the importance of, and a respect for, life.
I don't remember where, but I remember reading somewhere, where someone said that this type of coverage by the media... to the attackers... it in a sense exonerates them. It feeds that... sickness in them.

Moving on is the best course for everyone. I've experienced many setbacks in life (none on the level of losing my children), and I've learned the best course for my mental and emotional well-being was to move forward with my life. Dwelling on things only brings resentment, and in some cases, starts depression.

It's just a sad situation overall, especially now, knowing possible reasons as to why this incident occurred, and what was possibly on those computer hard drives (that info hasn't been released yet).
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