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Re: Naruto 614

Originally Posted by catilena1890 View Post
According to this Manga, Death IS an escapable destiny. Orochimaru has been doing it for years, Madara even longer, Chiyo gave HER life for Gaara's to allow him to escape death, and Nagato pretty much said "Whoops, my bad, sorry about that" and brought everyone who died in his tantrum back to life. For all we know, there is still a chance for Neji and everyone else who died to pop back up and say "LOLNOPE! NOT DEAD!". Knowing Kishi, this is what is going to happen.
The sage of six paths as far as we know is dead. First Hokage is dead, and Madara was recently confirmed dead. Three of the most powerful people in this manage are all dead.

Yes Gaara lives to fight another day, but Chiyo will not be around anymore to save him again from death.

Nagato did bring back the dead, but it appears that they will eventually have to meet this fate again some day...

As for Orochimaru, he may be an important part of Kishi propelling the story of defying fate. But we have to see what Sasuke ends up doing, or more accurately choosing to do.

It seems like the set up is leading towards where the Dead Demon Consuming Seal will be used to stop Madara....
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