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Re: Naruto Fan Fiction Thread!!

Jacob, who is rather skeptic, can’t help but think that Tav himself is weaving the fates of both of them in the same direction. Killing a target while not wanting to kill it yet, saving the son of a man he just killed and now, the son who is ready to relinquish inheritance of power right next to the son whose inheritance of power was denied many years ago, there’s irony and there’s divine will sending a clear message, and the latter must be what describes this chain of events. Jacob has an epiphany and grabs Ietsuna’s hand.

Jacob: Let’s go then. I know someone on the north slope of the Yamakujira, we’ll just have to go through the sulfurous planes really quick so we can’t stop, okay?!

Ietsuna nods.

Jacob: Then climb on my back.

Ietsuna nods again and does so, and the two of them leave the glade headed to the north. Short minutes after that, Ietsuna points to the west, amazed at the sight. Jacob, still unaware, follows the tip and is horrified by it. A rebellious sea is where not even a day before were plains and mountainous ranges, as if the Malakeben devoured the whole land and the sea invaded the void left. But little they knew that Eretsaphir succumbed to a worldwide earthquake, changing forever the shape of the land. The Land of Izanami is now an archipelago; the Yam Bay, twin of the Nammu Bay, no longer is open to the latter, but to the south, making a whole peninsula of land appear south of Lechimayim; the great Euphrates river no longer ends at the Naga Gulf near the city of Sutz’kun, but to the southwestern Varuna sea; a new island appeared in the south of the Land of Hurakan with a strange arch-like structure dominating it, akin to the also new one a few miles south of Arion. Sathariel’s gluttony had devoured an extra 42 million of souls, crushed under buildings or swallowed by the cracking earth.

Amphiblestron, Land of Prometheus
First Day of Aries, the day after the Fall

For the first time ever, the sun seems to rise from the sea instead of the land to illuminate the city, which south half fell in the cliffs created yesterday. Many of the survivors of the north half were still searching the ruins and burying the deceased. The rest either can’t believe what happened or feel a profound sentiment of anguish. What did they do to deserve such fate?! Why must the spilling of innocent blood pay for the misdeeds of the guilty? One of them, an amdusias, Daemon with aspects of an horse with a single horn in his forehead, walks towards the edge of the cliff and screams to cast out his grief, when he suddenly sees a body floating in the debris, with the face in the water, all the way down. Quickly he returns to his fellow citizens and gathers their attention.

Amdusias: There’s someone down there!

Using various ropes and nets intertwined together to sustain the amdusias, he descends the cliff, aided by a group of people on the edge of the cliff, and reaches the body. He quickly turns it up and checks the pulse: it’s still alive! He quickly compresses the chest to let the water escape the lungs and succeeds, as the person coughs out the sea water.

Amdusias: Are you alright?!

Esau: … thank you.

The amdusias makes a signal to the people on the cliff and grabs Esau. Thank Tav, the amdusias thought, today isn’t just for funerals.

The Tower of Tzimtzum, Sitra Achra, Land of Zeus
Tenth Day of Aries, ten days after the Fall

No sooner than a few days, Eretsaphir drowned in political turmoil. Sathariel Lucifer, the emperor, had died and so did the only other sovereign, Iemitsu Oni. Many separatist movements were gaining enormous momentum due to the contempt of the people towards Sathariel’s last campaign, while others would defend that fragmenting the empire now would only weaken every single fraction of it and union was the only reasonable path. Worse than that, there was no political figure that the common crowd recognized and felt secure with. Cathariel Satan’s name was thrown around quite a bit, but the majority didn’t know who he was or why he was being mentioned in the first place.

The nation’s ignorance of him is no matter for Cathariel, he knows he’ll be appointed the next emperor anyway by exclusion of the other two candidates. Jacob was not allowed to be an heir to begin with and he got rid of Esau in a manner more efficient than he could ever hoped for, considering he couldn’t dream the entirety of the land of Tanen would cease to be. He waits inside the Tower of Tzimtzum, in a hall that leads to the Pulpit of Gilgul, a veranda built for the Emperor to speak to his people. He holds one of the crowns enchanted by the Gorgon Sisters and his heart races for the kiss of immortality that will come as soon as he wears it.

Such luck didn’t Isaac have with him, languishing on what would become his deathbed, with the other of the crowns on the right nightstand. Such unfortunate soul, not hearing a pip from or about his children in the last days makes him wish to see them one last time in every decrepit breath he takes.

Voice: Father?!

Isaac: My son, you came back! Bless your divine name, Tav, for my son came to me before I join you! Come, come to me, so I can give you the last of my blessings!

Isaac awkwardly searches for the crown with his right hand due to his lack of sight, grabs it and extends his left hand so he knew where his son was. He feels a hand joining his, so he delivers the crown to what he feels is an open palm.

Isaac: Make me proud, my son.

Voice: I will, father.

Isaac’s soul is soothed. Now he can die without qualm.

Out in the Pulpit of Gilgul, the citizens look up as Cathariel speaks, finally wearing his crown. Many of them are truly curious about this political event, some smile at the promise of unity of the Empire, while others protest the forfeit opportunity of independence of the lands.

Cathariel: Do not freight, my fellow Daemon, for I will make every effort, imaginable and unimaginable, to undo the damage Sathariel made, for I, unlike him, I’m not a fool like him. I have my feet steady on the ground and I know that only with foolproof, realistic plans we can prosper. No longer will the children of the world serve as meat for the cannon of pipe dreams of defying our creators, for I’ll make sure our faith to Tav will never decay to that point ever again!

The crowd cheers his speech as someone else enters the veranda. Cathariel takes a quick glimpse and he couldn’t believe his eyes. Entering the Pulpit of Gilgul in a royal cape and wearing the other crown is Jacob.
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