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Re: School shooting in CT

Originally Posted by ACt View Post
What? You are still surprised that some people aren't utterly moved or necessarily concerned that a bunch of kids were shot and annoyed at how it interrupted what they thought was truly important rather than feign outrage or grief or sadness when it truly has no bearing or impact on their life and wellbeing? All Twitter has done is made that public.

Someone do a list of people who went around yelling at people to stop their lives because kids were shot because it highlights that when AMERICAN kids are shot, life must halt, but when kids around the world are shot, starved, enslaved and other unspeakable things, it's OK to get excited about Justin Bieber.

Yeah, it's awful news but it doesn't mean everyone has to suddenly go to the funeral. Stop acting so shocked.

Like i can't remember how many pennies i added to the jar, but for just that i'll add a Carte blanche.
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