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Re: Fairy Tail 312

wow .... i think some one called this about carla seeing the other timeline lucy crying ... nice. and wont the above scenario lead to the infamous time paradox? but it will be lame if it hap like in dbz, ie if they are gonna talk about alternative time line n stuff but i dont think they will.
n the unbelievable outcome scenario u described seems to be it but the thing to look is,

jellal seemed to be sensing her for the past (i dont know) 7 tournament (sry abt the yrs) . does that mean shez been here for those many yrs waiting for the ft to arrive? y wud she do that if she knew what was gonna happen? i mean if she was to go back in time, she could have gone back to the time which she wants the ft to go now. (sounds pretty confusing) anyways too much action, better in anime i guess
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