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Re: School shooting in CT

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
That's only applicable to those who assault/murder as a way to feed their ego, which isn't something common to all of those who assault/murder in this kind of situations.
How can you say that with any confidence? We've had dipsticks doing crap like this for a long time, fortunately, some are so inept, they're caught before doing any actual harm. It's the cases when the perp isn't caught, or takes his/her own life that feeds the next one.

You don't have to be a religious person to understand that there is evil in this world... that some people are just plain evil... not a shred of goodness in them at all. This type of person feeds on this type of coverage, giving him/herself courage to enact their plan. Don't you find it odd, that in a manner of three weeks, coinciding with what was erroneously believed to be the end of the world (Mayans), also coinciding with three religious holidays (four if you want to include Ramaddan {sp?} which is when some of these started) that loonies come out and start trying to take lives along with their own? Not to mentioned the attempted attacks that were fortunately foiled.
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