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Re: Naruto 614

i give a lot of apology for my rude tatrum for the temper life such a stresful after i get a lot of the fame............its rely tough for handle a sucess for this momend....sometime i wish i get normal like before but i have to have a strength for my fans..........i am nearly finish the desine for my new clothe line and energy drink line....rely essited and stress for a combination.......this is a reason i give a rude anger commend earlyer but this not excuse for a behave i know show my sorry for this actsion i am giving a chance for lucky fan to be first wearer of Aman t shirt and first drinker of Aman cola my new energy drink coming soon for the store.......... all you have to say is what the favorite thing you like about me most and sudscride to me and like this vidoe and give it good commend

do all this thing and you might be lucky to get his estra special prize..........
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