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Re: Naruto 615 prediction/spoiler

615 - Dealing with Revenge

Naruto face off Neji death !

Naruto is still schocked, as Neji is dying in front of Naruto, Hinata is crying a lot, while her body is shaking. Shinobi Alliance behind Naruto look with sadness, pity. In front of them on Juubi Madara and Obito are standing. Obito has pleased look while Madara has emotionless look.

Naruto(slowly move his look to see Neji face): Neji ?!
Hinata: Neji..., brother...
Neji(happy): Don't worry..., I don't blame... you, Naruto, Hinata, I just *cough !* *cough !*
Naruto(looks with fear while facing off Neji dying): ...
Neji: I couldn't be more happy than I am now *spit blood*, being your friend. You released me from curse...,*spit blood* and let me under....stand *cough* there is no destiny... we can change our future. *cough, cough*
Naruto: ?!
Obito: stop this nonsense, hurry up and die.
Neji(ignore Obito): so please change it for Hinata, Hyuuga and all shinobi..., *spit blood last time*
Naruto: Neji..., I ?!
Hinata: ?!
Neji(loose balance dying): please... be safe, farewell *closes his eyes, then his body fall on Naruto shoulder, as Neji lost his consciousness*
Obito(confident): Finally...

Meanwhile team 8 is shown. Gai looks at Neji barerly standing in front of Naruto while being pierced by roots spikes, he has shocked expression.
while Lee try to fool himself that Neji is right and he can't believe what he see ,same with TenTen.

Gai: Neji... No..., medic !!!, go and treat Neji fast !!
Sakura: it is too late...
Shizune: Sakura is right...
TenTen(schocked with widden eyes): Neji...
Kakashi(feel pity for Gai): Gai...
Lee: Neji, escape from here !,(turns to Sakura) Sakura
Sakura(shake her head): sorry lee
TenTen(sad): Lee..., Neji...

TenTen approaches Lee, then put her hand on Lee shoulder while crying

Lee(looks at TenTen): TenTen, Neji is...
TenTen: Lee...,you know...
Lee(turns to Gai): Gai sensei...
Gai(tears pour down on his cheeks): Lee, Neji is...
Lee(looks at Gai with sadness then turns to Neji, Naruto and Hinata): Neji, please move at least...
Gai(crying more and more intesively while clench fists): Lee..., you should understand it... already...
Lee(tears pour down on his cheeks): Gai Sensei, so *turns to Neji motionless fall on Naruto shoulder * It can't be..., Neji !
Gai(while crying ): *Neji, forgive me... I failed as your sensei...*

Gai clench fists in anger, then cross his arms at his chest height, Lee follows Gai.

Gai(raise his face then send serious glare to Obito): *Don't worry Neji..., I promise to take revenge for your death !* (looks in Juubi direction) You will pay me !
Lee(raise his face and has rage in his eyes): *Neji, my best friend, great rival I swear I will avenge you !*

Gai/Lee: Inner gates ?!
Shikamaru: Shadow Imitation no jutsu !
Ga: ?!
Lee: ?!
Shikamaru: Ekh.., just in time !
Kakashi: great work Shikamaru !

Kakashi, Chouza, Tsume, Shibi approach Gai from behind his back.

Kakashi: Gai, I know how you feel, but you should understood, enemy is too powerfull !
Gai(erupts in rage): Gah!.., I just can't stop my rage, gah!
Gai: Fourth gate of Pain opened !
Kakashi(pushed back by schockwave comming from Gai): ugh...Gai !, it is no use, if you attack straight at them you kill yourself and make fight harder for us, I will try to avange you, and then ?!
Shikamaru(fall on one knee): ugh ?! *I can't keep him anymore*
Gai: I am sorry Kakashi, but I will go !
Gai: Five gate of Limit opened !
Shikamaru: ?! argh!!! *Shadow mimitation was repeled*

Shikamaru shadow was repeled by shockwave comming from Gai releasing five gate then Shikamaru is pushed back but keep standing pose. Kakashi notice this, then walks before Gai, turns face to face with Gai, stretch his both hands blocking Gai's way to attack.

Kakashi(uncover his sharingan, serious): so if you are goona to attack them alone ,you will have to go through me first.
Gai(try to control rage): Kakashi..., go away...
Kakashi: No.., you are my friend and I don't let you charge straight at them, they are too powerfull..
Gai: Kakashi, don't force me to attack you..., my student just died in front of my eyes, I have to avenge him now !
Kakashi: Gai , I understand you well !, but if you charge now mindless, you will die without doing any damage to them...
Gai: I don't care..., forgive me ,Kakashi. I will go !
Kakashi: ?! *Damn ?!*

Gai is about to rush at Kakashi, who blocks his way, suddenly few arms are put on Gai shoulders, stopping him. Kakashi is suprised then see Chouza, Tsume on Gai's left side and Shibi, Hiashi Hyuuga on Gai's right side.

Chouza: Gai, you are not alone.
Gai(shocked, turns to his left): Chouza?!
Tsume: We are here to help you, and we tame this beast soon, hehe !
Gai(schocked): Tsume Inzuka too?!
Shibi: we will avenge your student death, but together !
Gai(schocked, turns to his right): Shibi Aburame ?!
Hiashi Hyuuga(tears are slowly fell on ground from his eyes): Neji, he was almost as son to me, my brother son exactly... I promise you, we will avenge him ! *clench his fists*
Gai(lower his head): Hiashi Hyuuga, even you ?! *hyuuga crying*
Gai(in anger): but I have to avenge Neji.., now is best moment
Kakashi: so you are gonna ignore all of them too...
Gai(with lowered head,schocked while shaking from anger): but ?!
Kakashi: so our readiness to sacrifice lives ,is it not enough for you ?!
Gai(ashamed a little, begin to calm down): You are right, I am sorry Kakashi, guys.
Kakashi: Don't worry friend, we will help you to get revenge on them
Chouza, Shibi, Tsume, Hiashi: We assure you, they will pay !
Gai(schocked for moment, then smiles, while stopping crying): ?!, thank you very much for your support.

Green aura around Gai is slowly fading away, as schockwave stop comming from Gai calming down enviroment around Gai.

Gai(with serious look at Juubi): I will make sure they will pay
Kakashi: I promise you will get this revenge
Chouza,Tsume, Shibi, Hiashi: it involves all of us !

Meanwhile Lee has to deal with suffering, and pain from Neji death. As Lee try to break Shikamaru's Shadow mititation jutsu, but it hold him still.

Lee(schoked): ?! *That shikamaru*
Lee(angered): Why ?!, my friend Neji just died !
Shikamaru: you need to calm down !
Lee(turns to look at Neji then back to Shikamaru, as rage is overhelming him): release me..., now !
Shikamaru: I don't let you go alone !
Lee(in rage): third gate of life opened !
Shikamaru(pushed back by schockwave comming from lee)ww... ?!
Lee(in rage): just let me go !
Shikamaru(struglling to stand but shout): No way, you need to calm down !
Lee(in rage): Damn... five gate of ?!

Lee is about to unleash five gate of limit, but is stopped by comming behind him Kiba, Chouji, Shino and Ino. While Sakura along with medical team is shown healing all injured shinobi. Naruto is shown with Neji laying on his shoulder and Hinata crying behind him few meters before Lee.

Lee: ?!
Kiba: easy friend, your are not only one who is hurt !
Lee(in rage): then understand I have to avenge Neji !
Chouji: But you will only get killed !
Lee: I don't care I will avenge Neji
Shino: If you die, we will try to avenge you!
Lee: ?! gah!!! , I can't control this rage, it is overhelming !
Ino: Lee..., I just lost my precious dad, I know how you feel but
Lee: *Ino*...
Ino: so please calm down...
Lee: I can't, I will go...
Tenten: No, you no !
Lee: ?!

Lee is overhelmed by rage, when Tenten comes before him, turns to face him then stretch her both arms blocking Lee way to attack, as she is crying a lot.

TenTen: Enough, Lee !
Lee: Tenten..., but Neji...*make hurt face expression*
TenTen: I know, I am very angry, I can barerly keep my rage/sadness but we can't defeat this monster alone *points at Juubi*
Lee: I know, but I will go nevertheles !
TenTen: I can't loose you too...
Lee: ...
TenTen: If you really have to attack alone, you will have to kill me first...
Lee(shocked): ?!
TenTen: I am worried about you, we will have our revenge I promise but not now !
Lee(slowly calms down as he lower his head): *forgive me Neji* You are right TenTen
Lee(raise his head): but I will avenge you Neji, just wait !

Green aura around Lee fade away as Lee calm down completly. TenTen hugs Lee as Kiba, Ino, Shino and Chouji comes and put their hand on Lee shoulder, then smile.

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