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Re: School shooting in CT

Originally Posted by Numinous View Post
Because murderers aren't all the same nor they seek the exact same goal with their murders. I thought that was a given.
Every single, individual murder... you're absolutely right. But there have been shootings involving high capacity rifles and pistols on a monthly basis this entire year. Including the cases where the authorities have apprehended individuals before the shooting spree could commence, the frequency has increased to almost a weekly basis since August (around the end of Ramadan if I'm not mistaken). Many behavioral psychologists believe that the purpose of these mass shootings is to induce fear on the population. Why else do it? Which leads to the next point.

Define good and evil. Only then I can comment on this quote.
C'mon num.... don't miss the forest because of the trees. The difference between good and evil is a general consensus here... you kill people, including yourself... you're an evil prick who is a coward.

That's if the person actually feeds on the coverage. Again I say it isn't always the case.
Then why, pray tell, have about three people been arrest in TN, UT, and IN for threatening schools and churches since this tragedy occurred? Why is it, that the only place I can find about these instances where the tragedy was avoided because the local law enforcement was able to apprehend the culprit is at foxnews and not cnn, yahoo, or msn?

You are assuming the person in this case influenced by that. I don't know if that's the case nor the news I read about it even allude to such. So, unless you have proof of such, that's pretty much a non-sequitur.
This individual case with this creep and this school, I honestly can't say, but why is that after this incident, the release of Dark Knight incident, and Wis. Sikh Temple incident... days after, copycat idiots were apprehended before their plan could be enacted?

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