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Re: 21/12/12

Well - if this IS the last die, I will die a happy man, as I have just completed my last exam.. 6 motherfucking long years of bosses trying to deny the full amount of pay I was required to be paid, bosses who did not fix things, but would rather just "tape it together", stupid bosses, thinking they could cheat with your working hours, good times with fantastic personnel, amazing sights, cool evenings with drinks after a good service, creating new recipes and dishes... I could die a happy man right now.

Ya, fuck the mayans. World not gonna end, other than humans trying to extinct themselves in new ways every day that goes by.. Saw a guy going home earlier today, he was trying to ride a bicycle, without tires on, just the rims, on the traintracks, on a traintrack still in use.. if that is not suicidal, I don't know what is.

Happy holidays
2nd. coolest thread ever.
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