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Re: Sword art online episode 25

Originally Posted by Buck09 View Post
I have watched this series and must say I loved it.
I honestly don't know how I sat through the whole thing. I marathoned this shit just because I had nothing better to do since someone recommended it. My first impression of it was ok a ripoff of .Hack lets see where this goes. The introduction to the main villain & plot of the story made zero sense. Plot holes were present with just the first few episodes most of which were never really addressed correctly in the series.


1. How is it that no one on the outside world could figure out how to remove the VR head gear thing after two years without killing the victim?

Answer: Never answered.

2. What is the creators motivation for doing this?

Answer: Because he wanted to be both the hero & villain in his own VR game world (huu?).

3. Main character dude has some skill was he really just a beta tester or was he something more like say a programer or hacker?

Answer: He's a "Beater" or a "Cheating Beta-tester*. Explanation on why he's better than any other Beta-Tester is never given(lame).

4. What ever happened to the manipulative n00b that ran his mouth on the first floor dungeon? No seriously did I miss something because last we heard of him he was taking over a clan & that whole issue was never resolved.

5. How is it that hero dude is a low level like everyone else then is magically like level 78 & is the strongest character in the game overnight with no real explanation what so ever?

6. How did hero dude not notice at the time of their first duel that creator dude hacked during their first fight? I mean shit was bloody obvious.

7. WTF is up with the random romance, building a home, & adopting a loli computer code as a daughter? Can we say GAY!

Don't get me started on the Alfheim Online fairy incest part... Please explain to me why you loved this series?

PS: Forgot acouple of things.

8. What happened to all the so called Betatesters/beaters? No really were did they go because they were basically none existent throughout most of the series save for the main hero dude & that dude on floor 1.

9. What about the Player Killer clan? Why was this never fully addressed/explored? Total missed opportunity.

10. Why are the only known hackers in the entire series the game creator and a GM? Seriously it's a story that takes place in a virtual world you telling me none of the players out there hacked/used mods?

Monster brawl brought to you by Claymore.

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Yeah vengeance, if i could giuve rep to your o so epic post too i would, but unfortunately I have already repped your greatness already so i cannot either. Just wanted u to know im on your cock now too
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1) There may well be some literary or map correlation between the Uzumaki and Ireland.
Check out this awesome manga called Magi.

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