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Re: Naruto 615 prediction/spoiler

While Decoys of shinobi Alliance are runing to distract Juubi with Madara and Obito. Madara and Obito still keep arguing, as Juubi begin to overpower Madara and Obito slolwy, but still keep controlled.

Obito: ?! *Damn, what is happeining*
Madara: Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan: Transdimenssional attack !
Obito: ?!

Madara stretch his hand forward where Obito body in ghost mode is, then Madara Rinnengan eyes narrows on Obito, as suddenly Madara hand dissapear in small hole,which opened. In other dimenssion Obito laugh at Madara when suddenly Madara hand catch him by throat. Obito is being choked by Madara hand.

Madara(smirks): still talking about your space time ninjutsu invincibility, you are full to think you are only one to have it.
Obito(schocked): damn, I didn't expect that...
Madara: I can use Amaterasu while hole is opened, send Amaterasu to your dimenssion killing you, but you are necessary to control Juubi...
Obito: *shit, no I am not safe anymore, Madara ,he is really scary powerfull and skilled shinobi*
Madara: I have learned and mastered all jutsu which can bring every type of Mangekyou sharingan, thanks to EMS you can posses all sharingan jutsu !
Madara: Besides, don't forget about Rinnengan. I told you once, that fully mastered and trained Rinnengan shinobi who has Senjuu and Uchiha DNA can use any jutsu he wants, and even create new one as sage of six paths could.
Obito: ?!, but Nagato has your Rinnengan and I have it too and our power is limited !
Madara: Nagato was incomplete, he lacks Uchiha DNA, and about you, you has only one Rinnengan and besides you trained no enough simply, even I couldn't fully master Rinnengan as Sage of six paths could.
Madara(both Rinnengans glows): Ying Yang control: reverse of Space Time Ninjutsu !
Obito(schocked): ?!

Madara shouts name of Rinnengan jutsu as his streeched hand glows in white light, causing Obito to become tangible and can't go intangible. Madara smirks, as he is almost thrown away from Juubi, as he loose control over Juubi. Juubi roar creating powerfull schockwave pushing Madara and Obito almost from it's head. Madara is concerned and shout to Obito, while Obito is scared and come fast to reconnect to Juubi.

Madara(try to keep balance): ?!, Obito hurry up and reconnect to Juubi
Obito(rush): ?!, I am comming !
Madara: Damn, ARGH!!! *shit, Juubi overpower me slowly*
Obito: I reconnected myself.
Madara: use this jutsu !
Obito: I know !
Juubi: ROAR!!!!!!!
Madara: Rinnengan: Heaven Control !
Madara: ?! *Damn Juubi*
Obito: Rinnengan: Heaven Control !
Obito: *Shit*

Obito and Madara does some handseals, while Obito reconnect himself to Juubi via Hashirama cells, Madara focus and activate powerfull jutsu, with both hands glowing in red light, with Obito doing same a little later. While Obito and Madara try to restore control over Juubi, Juubi attacks with all tails incomming Shinobi Alliance, but it's attacks are stopped by All Akamichi clan being in ginat form. Chouza catches Juubi head and try to keep it, while Juubi broke Obito and Madara control.

Chouza: Catch you ! *looks serious at Juubi*
All Akamiachi clan: we stopped it !
Chouza: great ?!, UGH!!! *he is pushed back a little by Juubi strength, but Chouza still keep ground*
All Akamichi clan: ugh!!! , Juubi is too strong, damn it !
Tsume(standing on Chouza): Keep it up !
Shibi(standing on Chouza): just little more !

Chouza is slowly loosing his strength as he withstand Juubi strength, All Akamichi clan are pushed back a little while trying to keep Juubi tails/hands while Chouza try to stop Juubi head from moving.

Chouza: Damn it !
Akamichi clan: shit !
Tsume: keep up !
Shibi: you can do it !

Suddenly Juubi open his jaw, as little black orb is forming in Juubi jaw, in front of Chouza, as he is catched by suprise, then feel despair, as he is panting and pushed back by Juubi strength. Chouza look behind himself for moment then turns back to Juubi as he accept his fate, while trying to keep calm, as Juubi unleash it's mini bijuu ball straight at Chouza face, but chouza stretch his both hands forward trying to stop Juubu mini bijuudama while being pushed back for all this time, creating row in ground looking like path on which Chouza is being pushed back.

Chouza(schocked, panting): ?! *oh , shit ! *
Chouza(turns back to Alliance): *i can avoid, but then shinobi alliance, everyone will be vaporized*
Chouza(turns back to Juubi forming bijuu bomb): *That it, I have to sacrifice myself for rest of shinobi, I will save them at least*
Tsume(schocked and scared): *oh, no...* ?!
Shibi(nervous): *that black ball* ?!
Chouza: Tsume, Shibi, you have to jump forward on Juubi head !
Tsume(worried and scared): but you ?!
Shibi(serious): so you are gonna sacrifice ?!
Chouza: Yes, thank you for you accampanion, now go or you let my sacrifice be in vain !
Tsume, Shibi(sad but serious while nods): got it !

Tsume and Shibi jump forward from Chouza shoulder in Juubi head direction, while ginat Chouza is being pushed back by Juubi bijuu ball.

Chouza(while being pushed back): *so it is end of my life, at least my son, Chouji grown up...*
Chouza(turns back to look at chouji, sad then smile): *I hope, I was good father Chouji, I am proud of you*
Chouji: father ?!, *that black ball*, father no...
Chouza: I love you Chouji..., take care of you mother *smiles,then he turns back to Juubi bijuu ball*
Chouji: No... ,father !!!
Chouza(raise his head as he begin to loose contact with ground): *Shikaku, Inoichi..., we will meet soon...*
Chouza(send flying by Juubi bijuu ball): good bye, shinobi world... *as he close his eyes*
Tsume(while being in middle of jump): *thank you for you sacrifice Chouza* *tears fall down on her cheeks*
Shibi(serious but sad): *farewell, my friend*

Chouza loose contact with ground as he is send flying back, while everyone watches with horror and saddnes as Chouza is send flying many meters above their head, Chouji looks in great fear, while crying as his heart beat increase by every second passed. Tsume and Shibi turns around for moment to look at Chouza then turns back at Juubi, as suddenly Juubi bijuu ball explode in air, vaporizing Chouza body completly. Chouji begin to scream and cry a lot, as he has rage in his eyes, shikamaru notice this and before Chouji can rush, Shikamaru catches him with shadow mimitation technique

Chouji(fall on knees, as watches explosion in air): Father !!!!
Shikamaru: ?!
Chouji(crying): why father, why !!!!
Shikamaru: I am sorry Chouji, but...
Chouji(raise from his knees as he rage ): NO!!!!!!!, I will avenge him !
Shikamaru: No, Chouji !
Chouji(almost rush): I ?!
Shikamaru: uff..., Got you in time.
Chouji: *Shikamaru ?!, * let me go !!
Shikamaru: Calm down, Chouji. You want o die after sacrifice your father did to protect us !
Chouji: but !
Shikamaru: look around, thanks to you father sacrifice, our plan can go further, this is war, we have to be prepeared for death, remember Asuma Sensei told us.

Nara clan one team with rest of support are shown runing safely around Juubi from some, while keeping some distance with second team of Nara clan along with support doing same but runing in other direction.

Chouji(schocked): ?! *reminds as Asuma told them about worst expierience he got, and it was war*, I know, but it hurt still...
Shikamaru: I know it!, but we have to avenege our father but not attackiung mindless. We want our father's to be proud of us, not ashamed
Chouji(calmin down but sad): Shikamaru...
Ino(put her hand on Chouji shoulder then hug him): I am here to support you Chouji, i lost my father too. We need each other to win !
Chouji(crying then serious): Thanks Ino, Shikamaru..., Let's do it !

Chouji become serious, while Ino and Shikamaru smile for moment then become serious too, meanwhile Tsume and Shibi charge at Juubi head to land on it, and distract it somehow little more longer. Madara and Obito almost restore their control over Juubi head.

Tsume(in middle of jump): *we will avenge you Chouza* I will distract it this monster, but how long
Shibi(in middle of jump): I think, just little longer...
Tsume: ?!
Shibi: ?!

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